The holidays can be a bit much especially with people in and out of the house, new gifts and more clutter. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but once Spring rolls around I am ready to do some Spring cleaning and decluttering. I have been wanting to organize my fridge for so long but I always put other projects ahead of it. When we got Cassidy’s allergy test results, it was the perfect time to get rid of food that wasn’t serving us any longer to make space for food that would be healthier.

This fridge organization aesthetic was completely influenced by the Home Edit. They have a whole line at The Container Store. However if you have been around long enough, you know I always do a budget friendly remix. Also, The Container Store is about an hour away. So I went to my favorite place – TJ MAXX.

This project takes a bit of planning. You definitely need to measure your fridge and map out what exactly you need space for. For example, we don’t eat a lot of produce so I purchased more of the stackable tray organizers than the crisper type. I also know we utilize all of our door storage with condiments, so I needed a convenient way to store our drinks. I got a can dispenser and a lazy Susan for the milk and creamers. Another cool thing I found was an acrylic egg holder. We are phasing out eggs at our house but it is perfect.

I wanted Cassidy to see her new snacks and get excited to try new foods. So I did a few shallow organizers and stacked her snacks evenly. This has worked perfectly. It also encourages her to grab snacks without me when she gets hungry.

My TJMAXX has a whole aisle dedicated to fridge and pantry organization and they are super budget friendly. Most of the organizers ranged from 4.99-9.99 each. If you aren’t going for the completely clear vibe, some of them even had colored rubber liners. I saw baby blue, light pink and a dark grey.

Steps to Organizing Your Fridge

Measure your shelves, length and height. This will help you to know how many containers will fit.

Take inventory on your fridge staple so that you can come up with storage solutions for them. The acrylic containers come in all sizes and types, but it does look best when you buy a matching set.

Clean out your fridge before garbage day. We got rid of a lot of expired condiments and leftovers that we never touched.

Sanitize your fridge shelves and drawers. You really don’t realize how dirty they actually get until you empty the fridge. Get the walls too!

Now for the fun part!

Group like foods together. For example, I put all yogurts together, then the cheeses and cold cuts. I organized the produce in a drawer together, then Cassidy’s oranges and fruit cups.

On the lazy Susan I put our milks and whipped cream. Sparkling waters in the can dispenser and filled up the egg container.

I am sure I will continue to rearrange and make it work for us. But overall this has been awesome. We can clearly see what we have and if it’s still fresh. We are wasting food far less than before and I truly believe it’s because of the organization. I am so happy with this quick project.

My next project will be tearing out the wire shelves in our pantry and replacing them with wooden shelves that can hold storage solutions. I am sick of those wire shelves. No matter how much you organize, it’s a mess.

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