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This years post comes with a story I hope I can laugh at in years to come. But for now, I’m salty! Darrin accidentally let Cassidy open up my Amazon package that was filled with everything minus the candy for her Easter basket this year. Can’t lie, I’m a little heartbroken. I get so much joy out of seeing her joy during special occasions and holidays. I try to curate each item that I gift, so I’m really sad I won’t get to see her surprised face Easter morning.

Cassidy has turned into quite the girly girl this year and I’m living for it. So if you have a little girly girl in your life – you’re going to want to check this out. These items are affordable & *drum roll please* available on Amazon!


Check out my Amazon Picks!

1. Jelly Purse – This plastic purse is the absolute cutest and can double as your Easter basket! They have quite a few colors, and honestly this would be a cute idea for a gift basket as well.

2. Princess Beaded Bracelets – I bought these to put in the Easter eggs around the house. Cassidy loves Disney princesses and loves to put on accessories so I knew this would be a hit. These would make the best party favors!

3. Round Flower Sunglasses – I know you’ve seen these custom glasses on Etsy and in small shops everywhere, but I had to snag them when I found this 3 pack on Amazon. You can customize them however you want and I am obsessed with the colors.

4. Amelia Bedelia I Can Read Box Set – Cassidy is learning how to read so we are transitioning her bedtime books into her reading to us. It was nostalgic when I got to buy these books for her because I really liked the Amelia Bedelia series when I was young.

5. Simple Modern Disney Princess Water Bottle – Simple Modern is my favorite brand of cup for Cassidy. They are durable, easy to clean and have the BEST styles available for Disney.

6. Disney Princess Necklace Activity – Cassidy loves the one we got her from Target but this was has different characters!


I added some chocolate bunnies and a Peep skewer and we are all ready for the Easter bunny!

Pro-tip: Add these items to your Amazon cart and schedule a Target pickup for the candy and basket filler. Done!

Last year I put together an affordable basket, so if that is your vibe check it out HERE.

I’ve connected with some amazing bloggers to share some Easter baskets for the littles! Small shops, minimal, dollar spot & more! Head to each of their blogs to get some inspiration!

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  1. You know I didn’t even think to check Amazon this year. But it’s ok you’ll surprise her next year and for other holidays to come.

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