2021 was a year of intention for me as far as blogging and content creation is concerned. I found a tribe of lifestyle and motherhood bloggers that really pushed me to be the best that I could be. I was able to brainstorm a lot of great content ideas, however I still fell short of the goals I made for the blog at the end of 2020. I thought it would be fun to recap those goals.

1. Create a Content Calendar and Post Accordingly to All Socials

My goal here was to get my ideas organized and content batched so that my schedule for the blog was automated, taking some stress off of me during the week.

2021 Goal:
This year I will be creating a content calendar for each month so that I post AT LEAST 2 times per week on the blog. This will help me get organized on all of my social media platforms and allow me to coordinate my content to drive traffic to my blog.

Working to achieve this goal was difficult, I felt often confused what to post and questioned whether or not the post was valuable or just to get a post out.

2022 Goal:
In order to correct the issue I was experiencing, I was to first identify key content pillars that I want to establish for my content. From there work on scheduling content that corresponds with the pillars.

2. Take Photos for the Blog and Social Media Ahead of Time

2021 Goals:
If I can establish a content calendar ahead of time it will give me the opportunity to shoot content ahead of time as well. Another goal that I want to sneak into this one is to push myself to be in front of the camera more.

2022 Goals:
Find a photographer that I can work with continuously to get us the family lifestyle content that I want for the blog and social media posts. I still want to work on getting in front of the camera more because I feel so awkward and the RBF is real.

3. Reach 150k Monthly Viewers on Pinterest

2021 Goal:
I want to dedicate a block of time each week to create pins, schedule and maintain my boards.

For the most part, I met this goal in 2021. I actually did a monthly Pinterest work session and scheduled in Tailwind.

2022 Goal:
I want to work on increasing my monthly viewers. Maintaining 100k per month would make me happy. I’ve been stuck at 30k for the last couple of months. This will help get me more blog traffic as well.

4. Reach 1.5k Monthly Visitors on the Blog

2021 Goal:
One of the first things I plan to do to achieve this goal is go back through all of my published posts and increase the SEO and add internal and external links.

I did not meet this goal. However, building a links page has helped increase blog traffic. I’ve also seen lots of growth in my SEO. I get a lot of traffic from web searches so I consider that a win.

2022 Goal:
At the beginning of the year, the blog domain will be changed from sexonaweekday.com to becomingthebakers.co . A lot of thought went into this, and even though I love my domain, as a family lifestyle blogger who posts her daughter ALOT on social media, I wanted the domain to reflect that of a family blog.

5. Grow My Instagram Following to 5k

So, I gained followers in 2021 but I missed my goal. I reached 3k this year, however now I am realizing that with that gain in followers my engagement rate dropped like crazy. So even though I would love to be at 5k at the end of 2022, I really just want to build a community of modern mothers who are balancing motherhood with their careers and their passions.

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  1. I love how you said I didn’t meet this goal but what I did do was xyz. Goals we set for ourselves and we need to acknowledge how far we’ve come even if we didn’t meet that goal.

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