It has been a little over a month since I got lip filler for the first time. I have had quite a few people ask me about my thoughts and experience after sharing through Instagram stories my before and after photos. So, I figured I would give my honest opinion and a little detail about my experience so far. There are a few things that I feel like you don’t see that happen behind the scenes, so let me show you!

No matter how discrete you think you are being, people are going to notice that you made a change to your face.

Let me start here! I swear it is the biggest running joke that women get filler without their husbands knowing. But sis, if your man doesn’t notice – leave him. You will see what I mean in a few. For me, my goal was to add volume to my top lip so that it wouldn’t disappear when I smiled. I also let the injector know that I wasn’t too fond of the visible wrinkles in my lips and that I would like to get rid of that as well.

before and after

Take a look at my lips before and immediately after. Stark difference. Of course I asked for noticeably fuller lips. Also my lips were of course swollen and very numb. But immediately the balance in my face is different. There would be no way that I could come home or go to work without anyone noticing. After the swelling went down, visible bruising began to show. Another indication that something was done to your lips. I tend to bruise easily, so my bruising lasted about 7 days. After the first 24 hours you can wear lipstick, so I could begin to cover it somewhat for work meetings. I was informed the healing process takes approximately 4 weeks.

The most common question: Did it hurt?

numbing cream applied to lips

Yes and no. A numbing cream was applied by my injector and it sat for about 20 minutes before the process began. So that helped quite a bit, however on thinner parts of my lips, mostly toward the corners on the top lip it stung a bit. I would say less than a blood draw. It is a weird feeling honestly, because after the needle is inserted you feel the filler entering your lips, but it doesn’t hurt. The bruising afterward was more annoying in my opinion. Anything that I would bite down into was pushing on a bruise so I stuck to softer foods for a few days.

healing process
Top to bottom: (1) Few hours after injections, (2) next day, (3) 2 days later, (4) 4 days later

One thing you will notice is that you can feel lumps and bumps. Don’t panic! They even out as they heal.

Why did you want to change how you look?

Quite frankly, because I can. I am pro do anything that makes you happy. I have had plastic surgery in the past and would do it again, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I also don’t think that just because someone wants to make cosmetic changes to their body that it means they didn’t think they were beautiful to begin with. I got a few messages saying they thought I was beautiful before, and that is super sweet but I don’t equate my beauty to this decision.

Also, I have over-lined and contoured my lips since I started doing my makeup. To not have to do that saves me a cool 5-7 minutes. I love that I can throw on Vaseline or a lip gloss and be good to go. I posted my lip care routine on my Pinterest account, be sure to check it out HERE.

makeup done after lip injections: Left, just gloss and right, lip liner and liquid lipstick

Wanting to explore filler and nervous because you don’t know where to go?

I was that girl. That’s partly why it has taken me so long to take the leap. What was important to me was that the injectors were medical professionals. While it isn’t necessary, I have epilepsy and I wanted to make sure I would be safe if I had an episode. I also wanted someone who could use their best clinical knowledge to determine what I am and am not a candidate for.

I came across The Vanity Room on Instagram. They are located in Orlando, FL. Their aesthetic caught my attention. I really love the vibe of their office. The wall murals give me major NYC graffiti art. Graffiti is an art, fight me. It isn’t your typical glam med spa aesthetic. They really let their personality show in the design. I am such a sucker for aesthetic.

When I saw that the medspa was owned by a husband, who is a medical doctor, and wife, ARNP, I was sold. My injectors name was Vivienne, also an ARNP, and new to Vanity Room. From the moment I walked in, her and Desi made me feel really comfortable and informed. The appointment took about an hour in total and before I left they scheduled me for a two week follow up so they could ensure everything looked good. When I went in for my two week follow up, we decided to add a little bit more filler to balance them out a bit.

This time they advised me to use an arnica cream to help with bruising. Total game changer! I had one tiny spot and it was gone within two days.

immediately after touch up appointment

My advice would be too get word of mouth referrals from people and try to see before and after photos. I looked through to see if there were any past clients with lips like mine and what their result was. Also, don’t choose the cheapest place, because filler isn’t cheap. There is a huge chance you will be getting what you paid for.

How long does it last? Would I do it again?

100% yes. And if you’re on the fence, filler doesn’t last forever. Your body breaks it down, so you can expect it to last anywhere from 6-12 months. Meaning it will require maintenance to keep up your desired look. Cost is definitely something you should consider.

If you have anymore questions, drop them in the comment section below!

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  1. I do notice a difference in your lips and they look great. Happy to know you did your research and are happy with the outcome.

  2. I think your lips looked nice before the fillers. You really didn’t need them. You are a lovely woman.

    1. 100% yes. I always use it immediately after and reapply often for the first couple of days and it speeds up the process.

  3. Your injector did a beautiful job! Gorgeous balance and symmetry without looking over filled. I’ve been doing mine for years, and most fillers now come with lidocaine so after the initial ouch it numbs right up. The part I hate for sensitivity tho is the Cupid’s Bow! You’re so right, you need to find an injector who really knows their stuff! Luckily my close friend is a Master Injector as well as an MD. (Dr Wynne Huang for those in the Boston area!) You go girl! I do mine to make ME happy!

    1. Thank you Cee Cee! For me the most sensitive area is the corners of my mouth. I think because the skin is thin.

  4. I just got mine done for the first time today. I think my lips being numb was the worst part. My lips are very swollen right now. How long does that usually last? I still felt it with the numbing cream but it wasn’t bad at all. This is the first detailed honest review I’ve seen. Also, you said you use that cream immediately after? We don’t have to wait 24 hours to use it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashley, I was swollen for 3 days or so and bruised for 5. I don’t want to give you medical advice; I used the cream immediately when I got them done the second time. Please check with your injector.

  5. Your lips look great! I just had mine done yesterday and last night I was surprised how much pain I was in. This morning the pain is better but still pretty sore and swollen. My cheeks and eyes are also a little puffy, did you experience that? How long did you experience soreness?

    1. Thank you Denise. I definitely recommend reaching out to your injector in reference to the cheek and eye puffiness. I didn’t experience that at all. Did you get any other filler along with your lips?

      My lips were still sore for a few days, I recommend using an small ice pack to keep the swelling down.

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