This year aged ceramic decor has been all of the rage. After watching one of my favorite home decor Instagram accounts create an aged lamp for her entry way, I’ve wanted to try out the DIY for myself.

I didn’t really have a plan for how I would incorporate the weathered decor into my home until I began gathering inspiration for our Christmas tree. I wanted a found decor theme, with lots of texture and deep colors. I purchased weathered rusty bells from Anthropologie, wooden snowflakes from Hobby Lobby and some beautiful deep green velvet ribbon. For the final touch, it was time to DIY my own weathered ornaments.

Since I usually have a different theme for my tree each year, I already had some spare plastic ornament balls. I then purchased a can of matte grey chalk spray paint. I used this because I wanted the ornaments to be flat and have texture that would allow the mud to stick.


Here are the steps I took to make this super simple DIY!

Selected spare ornaments for the DIY. I recommend using older ornament balls with some sort of texture on them already. This will allow both the spray paint and mud to stick.

Coat them with a textured spray paint. I used a matte grey chalk paint however, I saw a stone spray paint that probably would have worked great. Once this is dry, it’s time to make some mud!

Don’t be shy with the mud! Take some dirt out of your yard and add water until you get a clumpy consistency. You don’t want it to be too runny because then it won’t adhere to the ornament ball. Rub each ornament with the mud mixture and really work it into the crevices. You might want to wear mud for this step, because it gets messy.

Hang ornaments to dry!

Once dry, use a dry paper towel to rub off the excess mud. This is where you can get creative as well, because you can leave as much or as little mud as you would life.


Now you are ready to add them to your tree!

I love putting together ornament DIY’s each year. They are fun and add a personal touch to the decor. Check out these ornaments I painted last year, Christmas DIY: Paint Swirl Ornaments.

I liked this found ornament diy so much that I want to do it to my living room lamps next!

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