Hey Guys! We are the Bakers (well almost). We are family lifestyle bloggers here in Central Florida. We began blogging as a hobby, more so to document life experiences and parenthood. We made the blog public in the beginning of 2020, and haven’t looked back since.You might know us as,, however, we got engaged in 2021 and decided to make this motherhood blog into a family lifestyle affair. 

Darrin and I met in 2013 and have created a beautiful and sometimes crazy life together.

I have always loved to write, so blogging has been a passion project for me and such a great outlet to relieve stress. I hope that you find something you like here and that you stick around. I publish posts weekly so if you want to get notified each time there is something new, please consider subscribing! 

There is seriously something for everyone – we blog about parenting, lifestyle, family travel/experiences, food and wedding planning.

If you have any questions or just want to reach out, email me at: I absolutely love connecting with people and have made so many friends through this blogging journey.

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I do also review products that are gifted to me. However, any opinion that you see across my platforms is my own. I will let you know if the product met my expectations regardless of how I obtained it.