The perfect reading nook!
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With talks of expanding our family I started thinking about moving Cassidy’s bedroom and getting her into a twin sized bed. Like most little girls, Cassidy is obsessed with Elsa. I did a quick Google search, scrolled through Pinterest and landed in a Pottery Barn Kid’s frozen wonderland. My style is very glam but simple. I don’t like incorporating tons of color and I’m really not a huge fan of themed designs. The Disney Frozen line they have is beautiful and sophisticated. I immediately decided that I could give Cassidy’s big girl room the Frozen theme she would love without the cartoon vibe. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a child’s room. I am all for letting her have fun. However, her love for Elsa could be temporary, and if not done subtly, we will be spending a lot of money down the line for a room decor overhaul.

The most important thing for a big girl room is functionality. Books are a huge part of our routine so I wanted to incorporate a reading nook. A comfortable space for her to read as she advances. To add to the Frozen vibe, I decided to change out her white book ledges with clear acrylic instead. They really add to the frozen aesthetic. We love to change out her books every once in a while so we don’t get tired of the same bed time stories. This also helps keep Cassidy interested.

A problem we have been encountering lately is toy clutter. Previously her toys were held on a shelf inside plastic bins. With all of the toys exposed it was sensory overload in her room. We decided to purchase a storage cube, that way she had designated places to return her toys to keep them organized and most importantly, out of sight. I plan on labeling her cubes so that everything has a home.

While discussing the idea of Cassidy’s new room, I was really struggling with the idea of spending so much money on bedding. While the Pottery Barn bedding is to die for – I decided to get her a set from Target instead. At 3 years old and relatively newly potty trained, I think this is a safer bet. I love the crushed velvet look to her comforter and how soft it is. It looks and feels expensive but instead, it’s gentle on your bank account.

Now – for her bed. We invested in a wooden convertible crib to grow with her however, I had my heart set on a white metal framed bed for this room. I had all intentions of ordering almost the exact same frame in a toddler bed size on Wayfair. Instead, we lucked out on Facebook Marketplace (pre COVID-19).

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The most expensive thing about this room refresh was the paint. I wanted Carolina blue walls with glittery sparkles. I found the most gorgeous blue from Sherwin Williams, Icelandic Blue. It’s literally the perfect neutral blue. I love this paint color. To get the shimmer we decided to add Valspar silver glitter packets. The directions call for 1 packet for subtle shimmer per gallon. I decided we needed 3 for the dramatic effect I wanted. At $8 a packet, I spent approximately $80 on paint. Here is where you should pay attention. Save your money. Do not buy these Valspar glitter packets. We added 3 and you can hardly tell, even in sunlight. Since the packets let me down, I bought her silver curtains.

Now – it isn’t always that I talk myself out of expensive purchases. We work hard and we like to play hard in this house. But – the Pottery Barn bedding would have cost $320. I finished Cassidy’s big girl room for just about $500, and she LOVES it.


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