The best part about this activity is that it is super simple to complete and only uses a few different materials. You can also customize it however you please to fit your decor.

When I was choosing my theme this year for my Christmas tree I knew right away I wanted to focus on pinks and golds. However, I did not have a variety of pink ornaments. I decided that in addition to buying a few from the store, I would DIY some and then share it with you all.

Now, I posted this as a time lapse on my Instagram after I completed it – but thought it would be beneficial to give directions on my blog as well.

How to Make the Ornaments

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear Plastic Ornament balls with a cap on top to fill.
  • Paint brushes
  • A dish or tray to pour the paint
  • Muffin pan to sit the ornaments on to dry
  • Acrylic Paint of your choice
  • Water
  • Glitter
Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint in Baby Pink
Craft Smart Glitter Paint in Gold


  1. Using the paint colors of your choice, organize how you want each ornament to look. They do not all have to match. You have creative freedom here. I used 2 colors per ornament, each ornament with a different ratio.
  2. Put each paint color in a cup or on a tray and add a few drops of water. Stir it in to the paint, this will make it easier to swirl the paint once inside the ornament ball.
  3. Remove the top cap from the ornament and begin putting your colors in one after another and swirl the ball around to get full coverage. If you put too much paint in you can let it drip upside down. I swirled by rotating the ornament ball and sometimes shaking it to move the glitter.
  4. After you get the ornament to where you like it, use a muffin pan to place the ornaments to dry. It usually takes 24-48 hours depending on paint type and quantity used.
  5. Half way through the drying process, I added chunky silver glitter. You can do the same or even add it in the beginning with the paint.
  6. Once dry, add the top back to the ornament and hang on your tree!
Placing the Gold Glitter Paint inside using a water color brush to dry before pouring the paints in to swirl.
Finished ornament balls set out to dry!
Ornament hanging on our Christmas tree!

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