When I think of Spring, I think new beginnings. Where the flowers bloom, baby birds learn to fly and the weather starts to warm up. We live in Florida, so Spring is very short lived here. But, its still a turning point, even if it escalates quickly. And by that, I mean, 40-50’s one day to 80-90’s the next. Brutal.

I mentioned in my fridge organization post that I love taking the time in the beginning of the Spring season to declutter and organize. I also really love to decorate as well. When I decorate for Spring, I usually combine pops of Easter as well. I bring out my Rae Dunn items and bunnies that I have collected over the years.

Last year’s entry way decor for Spring. Wreath is TJMaxx, Green bunnies are Marshalls, wooden beads made by me with supplies from Michaels.
I have a bunny addiction but these green bunnies are my all time favorite. The texture is so smooth and they are the perfect shade of green,

Usually I keep my decor for Spring earthy, with lots of greenery. For flowers, I like to either use white or soft pinks, blues or yellows. I get a lot of my faux flowers, greenery and moss from Michaels. This year I didn’t do any flower stems, but I did decorate my cake stand. Do these florals look familiar?

Can you guess where these florals came from? Hint, it was a project.
Adorable bunnies on display.

My main decor is the Rae Dunn that I put out. I encourage you to keep reading even if it isn’t your thing. I have collected Rae Dunn and Magenta birdhouses since I jumped on the Dunn bandwagon. Usually I keep them scattered around the house, but for Spring this year I decided to make them a focal point. I put them on the top shelf in my kitchen and staggered their heights using different decor. After I set them up the way I liked I added some greenery and some little birds. Super cute!

Birdhouses make me happy. How do you display yours?

Next, my mug racks. I always tell myself that I am not allowed to buy another mug and then I see the new releases and they magically end up in shopping bags in my car. It’s a problem. Anyways, I have two mug racks. One I like to really dress up for Easter. I use the mugs with Easter sayings and Spring colors. The other rack, I really like to use as a display of affirmations. They remind me of the significance of the Lent season. This year I added a few flower mugs and a Pom Pom ball garland to finish it off.

My new release in front of the styled mug rack from Kirklands.
Some of my all time favorite mugs!

On my kitchen counter, I put my canisters. A while back I purchased “Canister Crowns” from a woman on a Facebook group. She has an Etsy shop called SassafrasNSunshine. Her items will dress up your canisters for any holiday that you want to decorate for, but I love her earthy vibes for Spring. Her Easter set even had a bunny ears option. I couldn’t pass it up.

I love this little set up, For those of you who have canisters. Do you store things in them? I wont judge you if they are just for show. I use mine. One of them is specifically for sauces. Can you guess which one? Haha.

I usually keep outdoors simple by adding a wreath and that is it. However, this year my aunt made me an awesome wooden sign for Easter and its adorable. I love it so much I decided to not even put up a wreath.

How creative is my aunt? So cool. The butterflies are 3D.

I asked on Instagram if people leave their Easter/Spring decor up after the Easter holiday. I leave mine up and then switch to summer in May. Curious to hear from y’all!


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