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We are finally finished! The playroom is done, minus a few finishing touches. 

During Covid-19 we took our daughter out of her Montessori school. It was a really hard decision to make. We love all of the teachers and they do an awesome job with the kids. Cassidy has learned so much there. The hardest part was taking her away from her friends. Her little cohort has been together since age 1. They adore each other. 

I’ll be honest here and say the last thing I wanted this room to be was a playroom. During our first quarantine project (moving Cassidy’s room), blog post HERE, my goal was to eventually make this room a nursery. But, PCOS/infertility, sigh. Darrin had a playroom in mind. The amount of toys all around the house has become overwhelming. 

As time went on it also became evident that Covid was not going anywhere anytime soon, especially here in Florida. Realizing we might have to teach Cassidy Pre-K 1 from home, I was on board with the playroom idea.

If you haven’t seen my recent home school post with all of my favorite items, check it out HERE.

We started by clearing out the room so that we could paint. I went with White Wing from Kilz. Hopefully I do not regret painting these walls white, I just loved how fresh a new coat of white would feel in the space. After painting the room we decided we would swap the dresser that was in this room for the storage cube that we had in Cassidy’s new room.

The dresser didn’t match, so we decided to chalk paint it. It makes my heart happy knowing we are continuing to use the dresser as our needs and decor change. See the dresser transformation HERE.

About a month ago, we were expecting a hurricane so I brought her playhouse into the garage. With hurricane season booming until November – we decided to bring it inside so she can get use out of it. Next and most difficult task was going through all of the toys. I separated them into groups and pulled the toys that were either broken or too young for Cassidy. Once this was done I felt relieved to not be swimming in toys anymore.

I ordered a new rug and table for the space. When we saw this alphabet rug from Target, we had to have it. It is reasonably priced and showcases the alphabet with corresponding animals. It adds color to the room without being too loud. The table I chose for this room is from Walmart. Honestly it isn’t my first chose for a table, but I love it even more now that it is in the playroom.

Commonly, I see the IKEA table and chair set used for playrooms. I wanted something larger that would grow with Cassidy. I think we found the perfect table.

Cassidy’s grandparents got her this adorable double sided easel. The cool part is the white board side is also magnetic!
I picked up a lot of stuff from the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot as well. Dollar tree has a lot of different learning tools and manipulatives. The dollar spot has had a great selection of back to school items this last month, so I grabbed whatever I thought would be useful.

As far as decor goes, the felt maps on the wall are both cute and functional. I purchased them from Target and they come with felt continents, animals and landmarks.

I have seen “Year of the Playroom” plastered on social media, but seriously, now is the time. Being cooped up inside has me ready to reorganize and decorate my whole entire home. This space is bright, fun and inspiring. I cannot wait to put it to good use in the following weeks!

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