How to Make a Game Day Chorizo Fundido Appetizer in 5 Minutes or Less

Football has grown on me over the years. A few years ago I seriously had no clue what was even happening on the field. I didn’t understand the rules or the vernacular. But, I’ve always been competitive so any type of team sport I am down to watch. My favorite part of fall are the weekends that are full of family time, with the windows open, candles burning and snacks on the table.

One of our favorite appetizers to order out is queso fundido. It is served with fresh tortillas and chips and is literally the best thing you will ever eat.

Since a lot of things about game day have changed this season due to the pandemic. One thing that hasn’t changed is how good it feels to relax, watch the games and eat snacks together.

We won’t be visiting any sports bars in the near future, so we decided to bring the bar food to the house.

Chorizo Fundido Recipe

1 bag of Late July Tortilla Chips
1 bag of Chorizo Crumbles from Morning Star
1 container of queso blanco

Follow all cooking instructions on the packages. Combine the queso and chorizo. The ratio is completely your preference. I like to save some of the queso for Cassidy to eat with chips.

After you are done, plate it and enjoy!

Make This Recipe Your Own

There are so many creative ways to get this flavor at home. If you rather ditch the meatless option I used, go for it. I love the flavor of Morning Star’s Chorizo Crumbles and it tastes so good with the queso.

Late July has quickly become my favorite brand of tortilla chips. Please pick them up the next time you are at Walmart or Publix. The Sea Salt and Lime flavor is my all time favorite!

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