an intentional gift guide for christmas

I feel like if you are reading this, were probably friends and I can be honest. I have been buying my child’s happiness during quarantine. Shameful, right? I couldn’t help it! The poor kid cries that she misses her friends and her teachers. We have accumulated so many toys. I really cannot stomach another.

Completely First World problems, I know, but after Cassidy’s birthday at the end of September it hit me. Christmas is 3 months away. In Hobby Lobby years, that means, tomorrow. Christmas is here. What was I thinking with all of these toys?

If you are shaking your head right along with me, don’t be afraid. Pinterest has a solution. I am going to share it with you. However, if you do not have a 4 year old daughter, grandchild, niece, cousin or family friend to shop for – you might need another gift guide to plug into this template.

Something She Wants.

This is going to be by far, the easiest category. Cassidy is great at telling me what she wants. If Christmas was tomorrow or Friday, I would know exactly what to get her. She has been really into baby dolls and playing make believe. Also, she just got into LOL Dolls and Lion King as well. I will link a few items that I plan on keeping on my radar for her.

Something She Needs.

This is where we need to use our creativity. However, I have been sandbagging some items for this category. The great part about this category is you can jazz up a normally boring toothbrush or bubble bath to make it a gift from Santa. Perfect for stocking stuffers also. Items that I like to include are toiletries, bath toys, underwear, school supplies and water bottles.

Something to Wear.

We recently went through Cassidy’s closet and discovered that she has outgrown most of her cold weather clothes. I plan on getting her the clothing she needs for Christmas. It is going to be fun since she is officially out of the toddler section. I love getting new pajamas and slippers around the holidays. Something about cozy pajamas makes the holidays feel extra special. They are perfect for a Christmas Eve box as well.

Something to Read.

I talk about Cassidy’s book collection quite frequently but I can’t wait to add new books. I loved reading as a kid and I want her to have that same excitement. My favorite thing to do is to find new books that I think she will love. We are still working on 1,000 books before Kindergarten. Usborne books have caught my attention lately. They have such a variety on their site and would make a great gift.

Any gift is a great gift…

The main goal of this gift idea that circulated like wildfire on Pinterest was to only purchase 4 gifts, one for each category for your child. While I know that isn’t feasible for me, using the categories makes it way easier to plan and stay on budget. It is also perfect for when family members ask what to get a certain somebody.

I’ve connected with some amazing Bloggers to share some blogs featuring gift guides for Christmas. Gift guides for kids, gifts by age, shop small gifts and so much more. Head to each of their blogs to check out what they are sharing.

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  1. I’ve heard of doing the need, want, wear idea and I think that’s so great to keep it simple and have less toys overflowing everywhere

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