This will be my 5th Christmas as a mama and I can tell you that it’s gotten more special as the years go on. The magic of Christmas is watching your child’s excitement. Of course, that’s not the reason for the season but for me my whole day is made watching Cassidy open gifts.

Before we continue, I have to add that I am not a pro at wrapping gifts. To be honest, in years past, I have simply wrapped gifts and stuck them under the tree. However, to go with the theme of all of my Christmas posts this year, I wanted the holiday to be extra special.

Usually I have a theme for my Christmas tree each year and I center my wrapping paper around it. I like for it all too match and I am not a huge fan of character wrapping paper. Cassidy on the other hand, like any other kid, loves it. This year, I decided I would give her all of the character wrapping paper and I would personalize it to my liking.

Heavily flocked Christmas tree with shiny marble wrapping paper. I used stickers to allude to what was inside of some of the gifts, and added bows for others.

Now you may read this and think, why waste time the kids are going to tear right through it. I agree, but you usually have to put labels on the gifts anyways, so why not make them fun?

Choose Your Wrapping Paper

For Cassidy this year, we are using Paw Patrol and The Nightmare Before Christmas wrapping paper. She loves both. I suggest getting a special wrapping paper if you can. If you have multiple kids it would be really cute to use a special wrapping paper for each child. My go to places for wrapping paper are: Michael’s, Target and Walmart.

Paw Patrol and The Nightmare Before Christmas wrapping paper I am using this year for Cassidy.

If you don’t like character paper or don’t have a little one that you are wrapping for, maybe choose a patterned paper or a plain brown paper that you can personalize.

Neutral wrapping paper with beautiful detailed drawings of gingerbread houses, reindeer and snow.

Personalize It!

After you get all of your gifts wrapped, now it’s time for the fun part, personalization. You could always use a sticker gift tag, but I wanted to do something different this year.

I purchased wooden stars from Michael’s that came on a key ring. You could choose to paint them, but I used a silver paint marker to place a ‘C’ for Cassidys gifts.

Michael’s also has clear acrylic ornaments that are perfect for painting and labeling with a Cricut or paint pen. I used a matte white chalk paint and some baby pink acrylic paint to make adornments for the gifts. I picked up some snowflake and paw print shapes, but they have reindeer and ornament ball styles as well.

If you prefer a paper name tag for your gift, consider using your Cricut to hand letter them in a special font.

Another thing that I did was cutting out glitter card stock in Cassidys name and initials. It looked so cute on top of the character paper.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! I saw a few bloggers even use their label makers to spell out names and words to stick on the gifts. It sounds off but it looked adorable.

Final Touches

Here is the easiest part. Decide whether or not you want to place a bow or some ribbon on the gift as the final touch.

You can make your own boy with ribbon or even purchase some that you love and coordinate the colors to the wrapping paper. I purchased some washi tape and garland to tie around the gifts. Depending on which type you choose it adds dimension and texture.

Gift wrap, puff ball garland and adornments purchased at Michael’s!

I truly think the magic is in the details. A small gift can feel ten times more special with simple additions like ribbon, garland, name tags and adornments.

It is also a great way to gift an ornament or small trinket. Instead of placing them in a separate bag, tie them around a piece of garland or twine.

I used black ribbon to make a bow and then added an ornament of Jack and Sally. On the taller present I used glitter card stock from Michael’s to cut out Jacks face. It made the gift so fun!
Here I used a really cute Paw Patrol wrapping paper. The ribbon I tied around the larger gift is a whimsical glittery white. I tied an acrylic paw print ornament to go with the puppy theme. The glitter card stock I cut with my Cricut to spell Cassidys name.

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