Nothing says Christmas time like a cup of hot cocoa and snacks while watching your favorite holiday movie. I don’t get too fancy with my hot cocoa, I personally prefer Swiss Miss to any recipe. They have a ton of flavors (peppermint and dark chocolate are my favs). However, I love adding toppings to add some extra yummy goodness.

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I wanted Christmas this year to be a whole vibe, so we have been going all out trying to make it an experience for Cassidy. It’s crazy to me how it takes something so tragic to show you how important the small details are.

Not only has 2020 been the year of quarantine, it has also been the year of charcuterie boards, so it was only right that my Christmas snacks be displayed properly.

I don’t recommend charcuterie boards for get togethers this year due to mandatory infection control practices, but serve this up for your family and enjoy a movie! It was super simple to create and is great for putting together snacks to graze on during a movie night. My favorite part about this is that you can include a snack for everyone.

Let’s Get Started on the Charcuterie Board…

First and most important step, find a tray, cake stand or plate to display your treats on. I know it’s called a charcuterie board but you can use any dish you want. I decided to use my cake stand from Hearth and Hand.

The first item I placed were Christmas tree cakes from Little Debbie. They add a really festive vibe to the board. Cassidy and Darrin really like these. I used the vanilla but they come in chocolate and brownie as well. Instead of laying them flat, I overlapped them to add some height.

Finished charcuterie board with snacks for the whole family: brownies, snack cakes, pretzels and marshmallows!

Next, I took some Oreo Pretzels and created a row next to the trees. Not only are these pretzels delicious they almost look like they are dusted with snow so it meshes really well with the theme of the board. They add that, salty and sweet, that everybody needs.

I added some brownies onto the board. Instead of using a row, I just scattered them. We had these leftover so I wanted to use what we had.

To fill in the gaps I decided I wanted to add some marshmallows for our hot chocolate. Target has some really cute festive marshmallows that would look great on a charcuterie board, but I didn’t have any. So I took minis and filled two cookie cutters that I placed on the board. This helped keep the marshmallows in place and also added holiday shapes which turned out really cute.

My last addition was some peppermint sticks that we coated in melting chocolate and marshmallows for our hot cocoa. It helped tie together the pops of red on the board. The candy canes and peppermint spoons were purchased from Walmart, however, I spruced them up with some melting chocolate and mini marshmallows.

Candy cane and marshmallow stirrers. Made with melting chocolate.

If you haven’t ever used a hot chocolate peppermint spoon or a cocoa bomb, run. Do it now. It seriously changes the game. What I love about charcuterie is that there is not a wrong way to do it. Get your favorite snacks and your favorite people and have fun!

You can also create a theme for your boards, which would be super cute.

Hot Cocoa in a fun Holiday mug and a Dessert Charcuterie Board in the background.

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