Need a Halloween dessert you can make in a pinch? Go with a graveyard pudding! This is a super fun Halloween-themed dessert that resembles a spooky graveyard scene. It’s really simple, all you need to do is layer a few different ingredients to create a visually appealing and delicious treat. A video can be found on my Pinterest for my visual learning mamas, click here.

Here’s how I made my graveyard pudding dessert:

  1. Base Layer: Start by adding a layer of crushed Oreos to the bottom of each personal pie crust. This layer represents the “soil” of the graveyard. I chose personal sized pie crusts, but you can use a larger pie crust or even use clear Dixie cups.
  2. Pudding Layer: Next, add a layer of chocolate pudding on top of the cookie crumbs. This layer represents the “ground” of the graveyard. You can use pre-made pudding or make your own from scratch.
  3. Tombstone Decorations: To create tombstones, you can use rectangular shaped cookies or make your own by cutting out tombstone shapes from fondant or stiff frosting. I opted for Milano cookies. Insert the tombstone shaped cookies into the pudding layer, partially burying them to create the illusion of tombstones. I recommend having fun with this step! Use frosting or edible markers to write on the cookies to make them even more realistic.
  4. Gummy Worms: For an extra spooky touch, you can add gummy worms to the pudding layer. Place them in a way that they appear to be crawling out of the “grave”. I layered mine in with the pudding and oreo crumbs.
  5. Repeat Layers: Repeat the cookie crumb layer, pudding layer, tombstone decorations, and gummy worms until you reach the top of the glass or dish, ending with a final layer of cookie crumbs.
  6. Optional Garnishes: You can add additional decorative elements such as candy bones, plastic spiders, or edible graveyard grass (made from green-tinted coconut flakes) on top for added visual appeal. I chose to use marshmallow fluff on the corner of the gravestones to make it look like cobwebs.

Really Simple Right?

Graveyard pudding is a fun and spooky dessert that would be perfect to bring to a party. It’s also a really fun activity to do with the kids. They can smash the Oreos and decorate the graveyard however they want. Not to mention, it is delicious. Or did I say that already?

I hope you enjoy creating your own graveyard pudding masterpiece this Halloween! To make it easier, I linked everything you will need to purchase for this recipe here. If you are looking for other fun Halloween activities, check these out!


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