A lot of bloggers are doing gift guides and it feels over saturated to add another one in the mix, so I figured I could share with you an actual list. Keep in mind my daughter is almost 4 and a half. So this would probably be appropriate for 3.5 to 5.

Last year we started a tradition where we would let her choose which items she wanted to ask Santa for and then cut and paste those items onto a poster board. She gets really into it – but it’s great because she gets to practice her scissor skills and pasting. This year we practiced writing our letters a lot during quarantine so we let her write her name at the top. Not too bad for a girl who starts pre-k in 2021.

Three Year Old Cassidy with her Christmas list in 2019! Look at her baby face. Slow down time.
Four Year old Cassidy showing her list off by the Christmas tree.

If you are anything like us, the shopping has just started and you need to make it quick. I was happy to find a lot of her wish list on sale and exclusively sold at Target. It’s been an “add to cart” type of day. The only thing to figure out is, where Santa is going to hide this stuff.

The makeup vanity on her list is actually from Sam’s. It is showing sold out online but you may be able to score one in store. They had quite a few when we picked hers up. It’s also comes in pink.

Items straight from Cassidy’s Christmas List that I think any little one would enjoy this Christmas.

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Cassidy has been loving getting herself ready in the morning. She is asks me for braids and to put on makeup so I wasn’t surprised when she put a little makeup desk on her list. The actual vanity she put on her list was small and made from plastic. I decided to invest in this wood vanity instead, it was under $50 and matches her room perfectly.

Another thing she has been into this year are tiny toy collections. Any type of mini figurine from her favorite shows is a win with her. Perfect for stocking stuffers. I plan to put together a separate post on stocking stuffers soon.

Ryan’s World is a staple in our home. If you look closely at both of her Christmas lists, 2019 and 2020, you will see Ryan. I love the element of surprise and the different pretend plays that are possible.

We are having a huge baby doll moment lately, and if she is anything like me it won’t go away any time soon. She loves Baby Alive. This grow up doll is so cool.

Another thing Cassidy loves is music. She loves to sing and dance. This karaoke machine from Target connects via Bluetooth and can store your favorite songs. It even has lights!

Cassidy asked for an anatomy figure from Target as well. I thought it may be a little advanced for her so I messaged a few healthcare mama friends and found this cute Melissa and Doug option. I love how hands on their toys are. So great for learning. Cassidy also asked for this doctor set. I can’t say no to their toys, such great investments.

The last thing on Cassidys list is an interactive plush puppy. Cassidy had a Halloween puppy that dances to Michael Jackson that she loves. I am really not surprised she wanted to add another puppy to her bunch.

What are your kids asking for this year? If you are still brainstorming on what to get, also take a look at my post that breaks down 4 categories to include on your child’s Christmas list.

  1. I love her Christmas poster boards! So much better than just writing a list! I’ll have to do this with my daughter too!

    1. I like it because she can’t write words yet, just letters. So it’s age appropriate for her and she loves to paste things.

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