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This fall my baby girl starts Kindergarten! I want to make this as fun as possible for her. So she will get the kindergarten experience, even though she isn’t actually switching schools. If you are part of the blog family, you know I love new books and styling Cassidy’s bookshelf. Encouraging your child to read can be fun and as easy as switching out the books on their bookshelf periodically. Cycling books in the reading nook gives a new feel to a book that has been a part of your collection for a while, enticing your child to want to read the story again.

A fun way to cycle books on your child’s bookshelf or reading nook is to pick a theme and run with it. It can be anything that you want it to be, holiday, seasons, animals, or even based on the color of the book. If you need ideas, check out some of my other posts about Cassidy’s book collection: Cassidy’s Book Collection, 25 Christmas Books to Add to Your Collection, and Fun St. Patrick’s Day Bookshelf.

I decided to style a back-to-school bookshelf perfect for the start of kindergarten and our elementary journey. What are your favorite back-to-school titles? Drop them in the comments below!

New Books Perfect for the Starting Kindergarten or Littles Heading Back to School

  1. On the First Day of Kindergarten
  2. Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten
  3. Kindergarten, Here I Come!
  4. The Night Before Kindergarten
  5. Chairs on Strike: A Funny, Rhyming, Read Aloud Kid’s Book for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, or Early Readers
  6. Our Class is a Family
  7. A Letter From Your Teacher: On the First Day of School
  8. First Day Farts: A Funny Read Aloud Book for Kids About School Anxiety

In addition to these new books that I added to her collection, I added a few others that we already had. Can you spot them? One was even passed down to us from another family. I cannot wait to read these with her to see what she thinks.


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