I cannot be the only one who remembers Valentine’s Day at school. We would pay a dollar to send our Valentine some candy or a carnation. I remember seeing them walk through the door of my class room and everyone would get anxious to see who had a secret admirer.

My mom was a single mom so we were each others Valentine every year. She would usually get me a little thing of candy or take me out somewhere special. She always (& still does) find joy in giving gifts. I like to think I got that from her.

For each holiday I love putting together a few special items for Cassidy to make the holiday fun. I don’t like getting super cheap items that are going to be broken in seconds, so I usually put together things that she needs with the holiday theme in mind.

With this love basket, I tried to stick to a pink color palette. Every single thing came from Target. I will post links to the items in this blog post in case you want to snag a few things. Keep in mind these are affiliate links so at no extra cost to you I will make a small percentage of the sale.

Being able to grab everything from Target is the best part because I can schedule a drive up and never leave the car. Drive up is the best because you don’t have to bring the kids into the store and it’s still a surprise.

Occasion Bins have gotten wildly popular. I only started celebrating smaller holidays in a big way when we were quarantined last year. Having small celebrations made the days more fun and gave me something to look forward to. It also doesn’t help that I am a stress shopper.


Items that I included in Cassidy’s Love Basket

  • A Heart Wreath for her playhouse
  • A pink t-shirt with red hearts
  • A tumbler set
  • A stainless steel cup for school
  • A unicorn cookie
  • Unicorn erasers
  • Pink cloth masks
  • Cotton candy
  • Animal cracker cookies

Cassidy is really into unicorns right now so she is going to love these little erasers from the dollar spot. The cutest thing is that they are poseable. Their legs move. I find that getting Cassidy special school supplies make her more motivated to do work.

I like to pick up cute cloth masks when I find them also. Cassidy really doesn’t like wearing the mask, until she gets a new one.

Cassidy will be getting her basket on February 1st. I have some fun treats planned for her to do with me also. So make sure that you subscribe so that you can get notifications when I put out new blog posts.

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