Not going to lie, when I began looking at the Save the Date section on Basic Invite’s website, it really hit me, we are engaged! Friday we scheduled two venue tours and we are so close to securing a date.

Darrin and I began dating on November 20th, 2013. I do not really want to change our anniversary date, so we are planning to get married within a day or two of that date to make things easier. While we do not have a date set in stone, I ordered the sample save the dates from Basic Invite so that I would have the chance to see the quality in person. They definitely do not disappoint!

Basic Invite’s Save the Dates, Unique Wedding Invites & More

It was so much fun getting the chance to choose the colors that we are leaning toward using and seeing in real time online, how gorgeous they really are. For each individual element on the cards you can change the color and you can see the change instantly. I was able to customize the cards exactly how I wanted them with over 180 colors to choose from. I was even able to upload our engagement photos directly to the site that way I could mix and match photos with the card designs.

Another intricate detail is that you have the option to customize the envelope that it gets mailed in. You can choose from a wide range of colors and can even opt for Basic Invite to create Seal & Send invitations leaving you with the simple task of stamping the envelopes and placing them in the mail to be delivered. They have a mailing address collection service that makes the process easier for you as well. Simply, share the link with the guest on social media or through email and the rest is taken care of by Basic Invite.

Another really fun feature on Basic Invite’s website is the opportunity to create a wedding website. Darrin and I are utilizing a password-protected page on our blog for this, however, for those that want to create a website for guests to get all of the details for your big day, they have you covered. Their websites are completely customizable as well, even giving you the option to match your website to your unique wedding invites. On the website, you are able to upload wedding details, images, and maps with directions for your guests.

Creating the Perfect Save the Date

Have Engagement Photos Taken

I am blessed that Darrin proposed the way he did, because we have the perfect memories in the photos that were captured. Choosing one or two to include on the Save the Dates was hard! It has been even harder not to spam social media with them all. I wanted to save them for the wedding portion of the blog, so you all will see some more soon.

Another idea that I love is having photos taken at the venue that you choose. A lot of venues include a site fee for a photographer to meet you at the venue for a photo shoot. If you are having a destination wedding or a photo shoot is not in your budget, Basic Invite has tons of options for photoless Save The Dates.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Clear acrylic signs are really on-trend right now and I am hoping they aren’t out of style before our wedding because I love them. I decided to get a sample of save the dates in the acrylic material to see how much I liked them. The only downside with that material is that it doesn’t include a photo, so people will less likely hang it up. The RSVPs and menus in this material look gorgeous.

If you are wanting to try out a new trend, I definitely recommend getting samples of a few Save The Dates so that you can see what medium or material you like best.

Remember the Small Details

I am learning that there are a lot of decisions to be made during the wedding planning process. Planning an event that is rather far out, it is easy to forget things. One way to ensure that you end up with a cohesive design – whether it be for the décor, your Save The Dates or wedding invitations, remember the small details. Try keeping the fonts, color swatches and material textures consistent throughout.

When choosing samples, I decided to choose a few using photos from our engagement shoot. I made sure to try out different fonts as well. Another cool aspect of the design process was being able to have rounded edges rather than pointed edges. Round edges are beautiful and they are less likely to get worn. I am so torn on which save the date to choose.


They all turned out beautiful. Which would you choose? Let me know in the comments!


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