I loved reading when I was a kid. My favorite thing to do was to take a trip to the bookstore with my mom so that I could pick out a new book. I waited in line for all of the Harry Potter books on their respective release dates. I would participate in all of the reading competitions in school. I had such an imagination and reading allowed me to create an outlet for myself.

When Cassidy was born we started her book collection. I wanted her to have a library where she could see herself in the stories. I wanted stories full of great meaning.

We have been able to put together a great selection of books that she truly enjoys. Reading is a part of her night time routine and it is so fun to see her get into the story lines and have fun. There have been countless nights where she has fallen asleep in the car or on the couch and when we relocate her to her bed, she wakes up and tells us that we forgot to read to her.

My favorite thing to do with her book collection is to display a set of books at a time that way she is exposed to new titles frequently without being over stimulated. I like to incorporate seasonal titles during the holidays to give her a fun experience. How do you display your children’s books? What do you look for in titles to add to your collection?

So far my girl loves to read and I am really hoping we can keep this up! I listed some of Cassidy’s books below. Let me know what you think about them. I will share more books each time that I switch out her display. See how I display her books in her new room here.