2020 has been a rough year – however I have been writing and posting a ton on the blog. I thought it would be fun to do an end of the year wrap up of my most popular blog posts according to my site analytics. This year I have definitely worked hard at blogging consistently and breaking out of my shell. It has always been therapeutic for me to write and even more so in 2020.

Some of you have been here from the very beginning, hanging out with me on Instagram before I launched the blog. But I know there are a few fresh faces. I am going to link to each blog post so you have a chance to pick your favorites.

Each title is linked to the corresponding blog post and each image is linked to the Pinterest post, so you can save for later!

Ready for the Countdown?

10. 9/21/2016

Cassidy's Birthday
A short excerpt on becoming a mother and how life has been put into perspective. The last four years with Cassidy in our lives has been amazing. The want to pull your hair out and say all of the curse words while laughing uncontrollably, amazing.

9. The Guilt I Feel as a Healthcare Administrator During Covid-19

A Healthcare Administrator's Guilt During Covid-19
Thoughts from the beginning of the pandemic from the perspective of a non-clinical healthcare administrator. My thoughts and concerns have grown since writing this, and I think it would beneficial to write another update post.

8. 10 Amazon Must-Haves on Prime Day

Top 10 Amazon Must Haves
Great items that I have purchased from Amazon and would repurchase. Everyone knows this already but, Amazon is life.

7. 4 Categories You Should Include on Your Child’s Christmas List

an intentional gift guide for christmas
A great guide on how to shop for your children or the children in your life this Christmas. Not only does it help you plan, it helps you budget as well.

6. DIY Round Wooden Door Hanger for Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Door Hanger for the Cardi B Fan
A fun DIY door hanger project that is perfect for any Cardi B lover. My best friend and I had so much fun making these.

5. Why “Sex On a Weekday”?

An explanation of my blog’s name, Sex On A Weekday – an the purpose behind all of this. I wrote this to be more of a purpose or about me for the blog. Never imagined it would get the traffic it did this year.

4. Motherhood with Epilepsy

Motherhood with Epilepsy
Motherhood with Epilepsy summarized and raw. I want to write more on this soon. I am continuously learning new things about myself and my diagnosis.

3. Tips to Developing a Night-Time Routine That Works

Tips for Developing a Bedtime Routine
Our night time routine that gets all of us the sleep that we need. This is good stuff. Cassidy has always been a great sleeper but I think working on a routine consistently has helped tremendously.

2. Postpartum Anxiety Experience

This is probably the rawest I have ever been on my platform. So much processing. Creating this platform had a lot to do with not seeing or hearing a lot of raw emotion from women or about women in their fourth trimester.

1. Grieving a Father I Didn’t Have

It makes me really happy that this post resonated with so many people. This is a huge part of my life and communicating this has taken a long time. It has come to my attention that a lot of you have had similar life experiences. When I was writing this, I knew it was deep but I didn’t think it would be my top performing post of 2020.

Final Thoughts on 2020

Looking back at these posts at the end of 2020, is pretty emotional. Writing is such an outlet and it has allowed me to process so many things in my life. There is something about getting your thoughts down on paper that is liberating. It gets heavy sometimes.

Through blogging, I have had the opportunity to work with other women who have the same passion but come from all walks of life. I am grateful for the support they give me along with my friends and family who cheer me on.

Cheers to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021

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