I have to preface this post by saying, I do not do these things every night. However, I strive to have the time and the energy at the end of the night that way I can give myself the nighttime routine that I deserve. I encourage you to do the same because taking the time for self-care at the end of the day always puts me in a better mood in the morning.

The key to giving myself time for self care in the evening is being strict when it comes to bed time for my daughter. The later she stays up, the less time I have for quality time for me and my fiancé. With that being said, 8-9:00pm at the latest.

Usually in the evening I am on Clubhouse in a Mom Time group. I like to catch up with my online friends and hear how everyone’s day has been, give or get advice and just be a part of a tribe of women who are also on this crazy motherhood journey. Some days the room runs later than normal, but I usually don’t stay for the whole thing.

After we put Cassidy to bed, I try to take all of my medications. The majority of them I have to take at bedtime. If I have the energy I straighten up some. (Darrin is going to read this and tell you it doesn’t happen, believe him haha) Another thing I love to do is put together a really good essential oil blend. A blend that I am really enjoying right now is rose, sandalwood, and vanilla. It smells so good and makes me really comfortable.

A Self-Care Routine I Have Been Loving

Some self care products I have been loving lately. All can be found at either Target and Sephora! Links in the list below.

I also bought new skincare products that I have been loving. Instead of taking a quick shower, I have been focusing on my skin. It feels really good to take a long shower, exfoliate, shave and wash my hair. I am going to list some of my favorites below, but I can’t take credit for all of them. Some of these were recommended to me, and I seriously love them.

There are a few hair products that I have invested in as well that make wash day ten times better. I try to only shampoo my hair two times a week. Taking good care of my hair has helped my blonde to stay bright and healthy. I have heard amazing things about ALL of the Olaplex products but I am just going to list the ones I use:

A must-have in the evening is lots of water. I don’t get to drink a lot of water at work. Mostly due to being busy, but really because I don’t like drinking out of the water cooler. Any drinks that I do get are bottled and brought from home. Most of the time I bring ice water into the bedroom before I go to bed, that way I can drink water while I am relaxing before bed.

Lastly, I like to write blog posts. Usually, during the day I have brainstormed or even written drafts. In the evening I like to add all of my images and schedule any pins for the post that I am publishing. This is usually when I will plan my Instagram posts as well.

I would love to hear what your evening/night time routine is like! Comment below.


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