Charcuterie boards are seriously so much fun to make. My daughter loves to snack so they are perfect for her. I made this Valentine’s Day edition for a few reasons: I love pink, I love cute desserts and I wanted Cassidy to help. The cotton candy and the pink and white animal crackers came from her Valentine’s Day basket.

Close up of the Valentines Day charcuterie board.

The clear glitter plastic cake stand came from the dollar spot at Target a few years ago and I get so much use out of it, whether it’s decor or special occasions. The hand towel is from Targets Valentine’s Day home decor this year.

Once you have the perfect tray, I recommend a small one, pick out some fun snacks that your kids enjoy. Cassidy had cotton candy for the first time a month ago and now she loves it. Warning, your kids will bounce off the walls so don’t do this before bed time. We also added some fun DIY Valentine vanilla wafers that are easy and also kid friendly. Little Debbie heart cakes and pink animal crackers were my next choice.

Valentines Day charcuterie board, doesn’t this look good?

With a small tray it doesn’t take much to make it seem like a huge deal to a kid. Plus each of the treats is tasty all on their own, so they get to sample them all.

Close up of the vanilla wafers. Details below!

3 Simple Treats Your Kids Will Love

The easiest way to add holiday fun to your favorite snacks – sprinkles! Yep, you heard that right. Pick up a festive bottle of sprinkles and add it to your favorite treats. Instantly, you have a holiday treat.

The first item I made was for our charcuterie board. I took some vanilla wafers and melted some chocolate. After dipping them in, I topped with sprinkles. I placed them in the freezer to set.

Ingredients to make the holiday vanilla wafers.
Valentine’s Day treat ingredients.
Vanilla wafers ready to go in the freezer.

The next treat I made is hands down my favorite. I think they turned out super cute and there a million ways you can create them. Ice cream sandwiches! For this DIY I went the easy way. I purchased Great Value Ice-cream sandwiches. They came in Neapolitan, so I took a knife and cut them into 3s. I then rolled them in my Valentine’s Day sprinkles and stuck in the freezer to set. Not only were they adorable, they are perfect for your kids.

Ice cream sandwich with sprinkles.

Can we talk about how adorable these turned out? So good.

Last but definitely not least, I made cinnamon rolls. You could add food coloring to the frosting if you want, but I kept the traditional icing. Then I sprinkled some of the remaining sprinkles on top. These would be perfect for a Galentines day breakfast or even as a part of your charcuterie board.

Warm cinnamon rolls.

Which treat are you most excited to recreate?

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