2021 is literally flying by! I cannot believe that it is almost Easter already. This year has been full of medical appointments for Cassidy so I am happy that she is going to get to spend Easter, healthy and feeling good.

When it comes to gift bags, Easter baskets or gifts in general I like to spend the money on things that she needs and is not going to break within the day or so. It feels wasteful to me to purchase junk. I don’t want anyone to think I am bashing typical gift bag items or saying that any gift needs to be an investment. I just like to think big picture, and purchase items that she needs and would want if given the choice. I would also like to add that this entire Easter basket did not break the bank and only cost me $20.

The Items I Picked Up From Target


Fun snacks are a must. I have to note that these snacks were chosen right before Cassidy’s allergy panel came back, just an FYI if you are wondering why they aren’t wheat, dairy, or egg-free.

Cassidy loves animal crackers and these were too cute not to pick up. She can have these for snack at school and they have adorable mermaid and unicorn shapes. Plus, they are her favorite color, purple!

I also got her a chocolate bunny, because come on, is it even Easter if you don’t get a chocolate bunny? This one has Reeses in it. Yum!

She has been loving taking bubble baths lately. I picked up this adorable mermaid bath toy for her. It is a hatch and grow when in water and I know she is going to have so much fun with it. Next, I picked up a fun mermaid electric toothbrush. I love switching up her toothbrush frequently so that she is excited to brush her teeth. I got her some toothpaste to go with it.

From the dollar spot, I picked up this plastic pink and sparkly basket. It is adorable for using for an Easter egg hunt afterward. I put her name on it using my Cricut. Cassidy loves getting Band-Aids from the dollar spot also, so I picked up a llama pack. They are super cute. The last thing is a set of foam bases for playing kickball or baseball outside. It came with a home plate, pitchers mound, first, second and third base. We had a big field near our home and I would love to play with her.


Usually, on Easter (we started this last year), I set the eggs out overnight with money inside for her piggy bank. After she does the Easter egg hunt I put a map inside one of the eggs. This will lead to a bigger gift. This year I don’t know if I will get her a big gift, because honestly, I cannot add one more toy to this house. I might purchase a few books for her instead. Check out my stories on Easter morning to see what I end up deciding.

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