Easy DIY - Playhouse Makeover

It’s been a rough time for my little during this quarantine! Yeah, mom and dad have been home more, but she is so under stimulated. I decided if I couldn’t take her to the fun, I would bring the fun to her. She is still LOVING her room makeover that we did at the start of quarantine, but all of this indoor play has us going stir crazy. So I decided it was time to pull the trigger on a new playhouse.

When I tell you I have been stalking Facebook marketplace and Craigslist for the perfect used playhouse to up-cycle, that would probably be an understatement. I even recruited my mom to help. I was so disciplined. I didn’t want to spend more than $50 on a house to redo, and finally two weeks ago, I got my wish! 

I started out by using a scrub brush, Mrs. Meyers soap and the jet setting on my hose to deep clean the house. This was so satisfying. Just with a good wash this playhouse came alive. 

Now for the fun part, choosing paint and accessories. Originally it was my goal to surprise Cassidy with this house, but it was impossible. Instead, I let her choose the colors and fun add ons. I introduced her to Pinterest & we went ham. 

Of course she wanted Elsa colors. So we went with Krylon Fusion All in One spray paint in: Bright White, Black and Vintage Blue. The game changer with this project was getting a spray paint gripper. It made it so smooth and took away the mess and hand cramps. Now one thing I will say, don’t under estimate how much spray paint you will go through. Be patient and allow your coats to dry before reapplying. If possible, do this in NATURAL light. I did everything in the garage and had to touch up a bunch. Also be aware that if you do this in the garage you are going to have spray paint residue all over the place. In my case, all over our gym equipment. Sorry babe!

For the accessories, Cassidy declared she had to have a functioning doorbell. Who knew it would be slim picking finding a wireless, weather proof and functioning doorbell. Save yourself & jump on Amazon. 
Speaking of the dollar spot, I found a few other pieces. I grabbed a cute chalkboard sign, a banner & corner shelves to add for aesthetic. I decided to make the chalkboard sign into a menu.

Next was makeshift garage lights. I’ve seen a lot of other DIYers purchase sets from Amazon, which you can completely do. However, I found some on clearance in the dollar spot at Target, so we saved some money. I have also seen some really cute hanging lantern lights at 5below. Look around! 

This project is addicting. I never realized how much potential a used playhouse had. With that being said, I bought another one to rehab. This time, we’re making a firehouse. Find all of the items you need for your own transformation here.


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