You guys! I cannot believe we are halfway through Cassidy’s third week of Kindergarten. Seriously someone pinch me because I feel like I just dropped her off in full fledge panic as she cried on her very first day of daycare at this very school. Growing up I always ate free or reduced school lunches. I never got to bring my own lunch to school, Cassidy’s school doesn’t have a lunch option.

If you are looking for easy back-to-school lunch ideas, you are in the right place. Cassidy’s school is not able to heat up her lunch so I have to find options that she can eat and enjoy at room temperature. Another monkey wrench is that we found out at the beginning of this year that Cassidy is allergic to dairy, eggs, and wheat. I will say that we aren’t 100% compliant, it is really hard to get her to eat substitutions sometimes and I have to know she is eating while at school. So if you see anything in this list of recommendations that do not fit “allergy-free” just know, I already know.

Containers and Cups that I Recommend

  • Bentgo Kids’ Durable & Leakproof Lunch Box – HERE
  • Disney Princess Kids’ Food Storage Container – HERE
  • Bento Box With Non-removable Divider – HERE
  • 16.5oz 4pk Plastic Color Changing Kids Tumblers – HERE
  • Reduce 14oz Stainless Steel Coldee Tumbler – HERE
  • Simple Modern 14oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw – HERE
  • Simple Modern 12oz Stainless Steel Classic Kids Tumbler – HERE

I started to pick up these lunch containers and bento boxes when I see them on sale. Target is usually my go-to but Amazon has a lot of options as well. Having quality items like these help to ensure that we are using less plastic and divides the food items into portion sizing.

Lunch Ideas from the Past Few Weeks

One of Cassidy’s favorite lunch items was Uncrustables, so, we made them at home! I would link the tool I bought from Amazon to make the Uncrustable but I do not recommend it. Instead, we used a circle cookie cutter and connected the bread using a fork. You can totally prep these ahead of time and pop them in the freezer. Just keep in mind that vegan/gluten-free bread is a little stiffer, so do not fill them up too much.

Another thing Cassidy begs for is Lunchables. I can’t blame her, I loved them as a kid. But, they don’t fit her new diet, so we made our own! Make it fun and use cookie cutters to cut the cheese and meats with. I used a heart shape but you can get festive with the holidays if you want. Also, use cupcake holders to separate the snacks so they don’t touch if your kids are weird about that like mine.

This last example is what a typical lunch looks like, especially if I am short on time. I put together a little slider sandwich since Cassidy usually will only eat half of a sandwich when I send her with one. These help us waste less food. She also loves these sweet rolls. She has been on a strawberry kick lately so, I cut some up with chocolate hummus to sneak in some more protein.

  • Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies – HERE
  • Pretzel Bites – HERE
  • Black Forest Gummies – HERE
  • Hawaiian Sliders – HERE
  • Violife Cheddar Slices – HERE
  • Go Go Squeeze Applesauce Pouches – HERE
  • Blue Diamond Crackers – HERE
  • Clif Kids Z Bar – HERE
  • Sabra Dark Chocolate Dip
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