One of my guilty pleasures is to create shopping carts full of clothes at my favorite online retailers. Anyone else? I think it is one of the best parts of being a girl mom.

Cassidy starts kindergarten this fall and I am so excited for her! She is also outgrowing her current wardrobe so I decided to grab her some super cute pieces at great prices.

My favorite stores to shop for Cassidy are Target, H&M and Zara. I used to be obsessed with Old Navy but Cassidy doesn’t fit in their “toddler” section anymore and they don’t carry the same adorable styles in the Girls section.

We went into H&M last weekend and I felt like we hit the jackpot. Then I came home and jumped online and I really hit the jackpot. Check out my picks!

The shoes paired with most of these outfits are from Target, but I have everything linked for you here.

H&M has these dresses priced $4.99. What?! & they come in so many patterns. They are perfect for florida summer. Come fall, we add a Jean jacket and a closed toe shoe. Bam!

I will say, some of these H&M picks are a little pricy. They are great quality so I won’t say overpriced but their clothing ranges from super cheap to pricy.

My goal when buying clothes for Cassidy is to get a mixture of affordable and pricy. Kids, especially her age are prone to stains and rips in clothing. So I don’t want to be heartbroken that I spent $20 on a shirt that she ripped on the playground. I try to not send her to school in her more expensive clothes for this reason.

Another thing I do is get a good mixture of basics and character prints. Kids love getting their favorite Disney characters or imaginary animals on their clothing. It’s super cut but it doesn’t always age well. When we take photos I like to have her in neutrals. She generally picks out her outfits so, I don’t say no, I just make sure her closet has a good mix to choose from. Unicorns are her favorite right now. Anybody else feel me on that?


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