Make These Grinch Pancakes for Christmas Morning

Growing up my mom always made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. That was our tradition. I plan to continue that on but couldn’t help myself this year. I saw that iHOP had Grinch pancakes on their menu and immediately needed to give it a try! Cassidy has watched the Grinch a few times this month and knew it would be a fun themed meal for her, and simple for this busy mama.

Darrin usually always cooks us breakfast but we decided to do this while daddy was at work and Cassidy loved it so much she made me save daddy two!

Look at How Simple This Recipe is..

Ingredients used to make these Grinch pancakes: pancake mix, water, sprinkles, food coloring, icing and whipped cream.

I used Hungry Man Pancake Mix, purchased from Walmart and followed the directions on the back of the box.

After the batter was completely combined and the lumps were gone, I added in green food coloring. You can add as many drops as you like, it will just make the green darker. After getting the batter to the desired color, I added in a sprinkle mixture – red, green and white snowflakes. I added a good amount of sprinkles because I wanted to be able to see them through the pancake.

I cooked these pancakes on a griddle pan, making sure to stir the batter between pancakes so that the sprinkles wouldn’t sink to the bottom. After the top began to bubble I flipped the pancake over. Now I made small pancakes since they were for my four year old, but this is totally up to you.

The sprinkles melt a little bit in the batter when they are cooked. It looks like a Christmas! So much fun.

Grinch pancake ready to be flipped.
Final product – a perfect Grinch pancake

After all of the pancakes were done cooking, I used some cream cheese icing to the top and sprinkled more sprinkles on top. Then we added whipped cream.

Cassidy adding the Reddi Whip to the top of our pancakes!

I recommend leaving the cream cheese icing near the stove so it can be easier to apply to the top pancake. This step is completely to taste, some people like sweeter pancakes than others. We did not use syrup on these at all.

Cassidy could not wait to eat these pancakes, she told me that I am the best pancake maker, better than daddy. Haha.

Do you have a Christmas morning tradition? I would love to hear about it!


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