Love the aesthetic of the wedding newspaper but can’t stomach the price tag? Same. I wanted to get one customized for my wedding so bad but I couldn’t make room in my budget. After looking at many templates, I decided I could make my own.

First, let me throw out there that I am not the Tiktok DIY bride. This is actually my only wedding DIY, and I am so proud of it. After posting my newspaper on Tiktok and getting some interest, I decided to make it available for those of you who want the look for less. Just as I did.

I made this newspaper template from scratch in Canva. I have the pro version, and honestly think it’s worth it. I use it all of the time for blog graphics, Pinterest pins etc. It took some time to get it 100% to my liking, but once I was finished I brought it into FedEx and spoke to one of the employees about my vision. She loved it and we agreed after printing a test document we would use Recycled paper, in black and white, double sided on 11×17.

The joy I felt when this was printed! It had a newspaper feel for a fraction of the cost. I had 30 copies printed (one for each room in our room block) and paid under $40. Can you believe that?

Will your guests love it?

We put our newspapers inside of our welcome bags at the resort. Now, up front I have to tell you that not every guest is going to read it – so don’t get sad. But I made sure to tell people to refer to the newspaper for details on our wedding timelines, including rehearsal dinner location and wedding day pick up times. I also reminded people to share their photos via our QR code and helped anyone that needed it. I think if you introduce the paper to them as a one stop shop for wedding information they will appreciate it more.

We did a wedding fun facts and I heard a lot of people talking about it. They were excited that they “made the paper”. I also made sure to include that our ceremony would be unplugged – meaning no photo or video by guests during that time. We also had a sign at the ceremony location, but it was good to preemptively tell people that it was our big ask of them.

Purchasing the Template

The template is only $5 and will include our exact wedding newspaper with image frames and instructions on how to print and make a QR code. You can edit anything you would like and feel free to make it your own. I can’t wait to see how you all customize the templates! Tag me so I can see them!

Check out our shop here and download your template today!


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