there is some sort of magic that takes over you when you become a mother for the first time. i used to think it was cliche and exaggeration when women would say, they didn’t know love until they had a child. it’s neither of those things. it’s pure and powerful.

im critical of myself as I know most moms are. Constantly debating whether or not I am doing what’s right or doing enough. i tell people often that you’re a daddy’s girl and want nothing to do with me. and while that’s not a complete lie, I am so grateful for the bond you and I have built.
you are incredibly smart and intuitive beyond your years. just when I think I couldn’t love you any more, you surprise me. being your mom makes me want to be a better person. you never judge me. i wish i could see the world through your eyes.

ill love you always, my sweet cassie girl.

it’s a strange time we’re living in. I hope to be able to protect you from it all. im grateful that your dad and i have been able to be such a strong unit, working hard to give you every single thing you ask for. so far we’ve been able to shield you from the world’s ugly – racism, prejudice, gender inequality, addiction, homelessness and politics. but you are so smart, so I know it’s only a matter of time before you start to pick up on these things.

just know that you will never ever have to go through these things alone. no matter what happens, we’re in this together.


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