Yesterday I posted about my favorite shows to watch on Netflix, 24 Netflix Shows to Watch in 2021, and I didn’t want to leave out two other streaming services that we use frequently. It is funny that even though we stopped paying for cable, each streaming service a la carte has the potential to cost us the same amount. But, anyways – it is worth it to watch these shows.

Shows on HBO & Hulu that you need to watch ASAP!

Let me tell you a little bit about each show.

Let me start off by saying, I like what I like. There is no denying that I have a type. But each show is unique and will appeal to you for different reasons.

Each streaming services bill monthly, HBO is 14.99 and Hulu is 11.99. Thankfully, we got a free year worth of Hulu through our T-Mobile plan.

Hulu Picks:


This is a comedy about two cousins who work in the city’s rap scene. While they are trying to build their music careers they come across issues involving relationships, poverty and race. This is the perfect show to binge watch.

Good Doctor

If you love House, you will love this show. It is about a young autistic surgeon who is exceptionally skilled. The episodes present different medical cases and great drama between the cast.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of Wu-Tang (I didn’t listen to their music) but watching this show made me want to be. It shows how the group became a success despite having their circumstances pulling them away at times.

Little Fires Everywhere

It took me a long time to start this show and I have no clue why. I love Kerry Washington and her acting in this is brilliant. The show follows a mother and daughter who meet a well off family in a new town. The mothers couldn’t be more opposite as their families come together.

HBO Picks:

Lovecraft Country

This show is based on a book by Matt Ruff. Honestly, it’s odd – but it’s addicting. It presents America in the Jim Crow era and the characters in constant turmoil with their environment.


Seriously this show is genius. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s in Tulsa where a local white supremacist group has attacked law enforcement. in the very beginning it hilights the Tulsa Race massacre. The main characters, law enforcement, wear masks and fight off the members of that militia. This show is also based off of a comic book. The acting is awesome.


Best friends going through life experiencing crazy scenarios and their own insecurities. Touches on the black experience and racial/social issues. Definitely a show to binge watch. It’s so good.

The Shop

Another interview series. This time with Lebron James in a barbershop setting. It’s chill and raw. I honestly love the conversations. Definitely something to throw on when you want to think outside the box.

It was fun getting to see everyone’s picks for Netflix, share your favorite HBO and Hulu shows using this template on Instagram. Remember to tag me so that I get notified of the post.


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