It took me years to make my blog public. I was constantly behind the scenes researching and writing. Writing has always been a passion of mine and the best way for me to process emotions. So much so, that I had my Evernote full of blog post drafts that eventually timed out before I even hit publish.

Let me tell you why – I was terrified of what people would think of me. Some of the topics I was writing about were extremely personal (anxiety, abusive relationships, family etc.) and I didn’t want people who knew me personally to judge.

My first blog concept came shortly after turning 25. I called it “Alive After 25” and it contained the realization that even though I had boxes left to check on my 5 year plan, I was alive and had survived every single thing that had been placed in my path. It was about redemption but also about sharing some really dark times in my life.

1. Be Brave!

After writing for quite some time I was self conscious about creating the blog because I didn’t see any imperfect bloggers. Nobody looked like me and I didn’t see my story represented anywhere. I saw curated feeds with gorgeous families. I was so insecure and sadly, I decided not to go public with Alive after 25. I am telling you this because, we are made to be unique and bring our own stories to the table. That is exactly how your audience will connect with you.

Please don’t be afraid of sharing your story. Know that someone out there needs to hear it. Will people who know you judge you? It’s a possibility. But there will also be people who get to know you even better because of how transparent you are being.

Your audience can be a huge source of inspiration as well. Frequently I use polls on my Instagram stories to make sure I am giving my audience what interests them. I also look at insights and Google Analytics to see which types of posts do well and areas that I can improve.

2. Be Original!

Another point I want to make is that your platform does not need to look like everyone else’s in order to be successful. Of course, there will be certain types of posts that do better than others (back to my previous point about analytics). However, I am talking about the content. You don’t need to have all of the clothing items, home decor and opinions that others are showing off on their blogs or social media platform. Be original! Be you!

Originality is really important. Bloggers and content creators work really hard behind the scenes so be sure not to take anyone’s work without asking and giving credit. I take inspiration from everywhere but there is a difference between being inspired and copying.

3. Be Intentional!

My last recommendation is that you take a chance. Reach out to other bloggers for advice, invest in your hobby so that you can learn more. Find a tribe that shares the same passion for blogging that you do. In my experience, it can be motivating to see others who are doing well or having the same issues that you are.

At first, I was nervous to do this because I was worried that I didn’t have the following or experience to be respected. However, quickly I was able to network and gain confidence. I am constantly learning from others. I also love getting to see the creativity of others.

Another place where being intentional is important is in what you share with your audience. You may have the opportunity to work with companies. Accept collaborations or sponsored posts that align with your blog. It can be tempting to accept everything that comes your way but being authentic will help you build trust with your readers.

Sex on a Weekday Has Been a Labor of Love

Blogging is not as easy as I imagined a few years ago before I took the plunge. A lot of detail work goes into it behind the scenes. It is super important that you are passionate about it, otherwise you will burn out quickly.

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  1. I’ve learned over time that sharing my story has helped so many others! I’m so glad to have started my blog and sharing my story!

  2. I was so self conscious at first, too! I thought people wouldn’t take me serious, but anyone can blog! These were great tips

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